Dog With A Toy

Doggie Enrichment

Now offering enrichment classes for dogs & puppies that do better in small groups or with one-on-one attention from our amazing staff!

  • Enrichment Days: Tuesday through Thursday Between 8:00am – 5:30pm
  • Daily Rate: $45 for a full day, $25 for a half day

Enrichment For Adult Dogs

We work on skills, play games, exercise, and give lots of love!

Please call for additional details.

Dog standing on a platform

Enrichment For Puppies

We work on socializing, basic manners, tons of exercise and of course cookies, hugs and snuggles.

Call us today: 860-824-7357

Enrichment Package

  • 1 day $45
  • 5 days $225
  • 10 days $450.00
  • 15 days $641.25 includes 5%
  • 20 days $810.00 includes 10%

Puppy Socialization

We are offering puppy socialization classes on Fridays.  You can drop off as early as 8:00am and pick up by 5:30pm (Half days are available!)

A well-socialized puppy creates a behaved, relaxed, safer dog. If your puppy is comfortable in a wider variety of situations, they’re less likely to use aggression in moments of fear. Not socializing your puppy can lead to dangerous situations in the future.  These classes help with bite inhibition, puppies get use to playing with other puppies and getting handled by different people.  Puppy classes let your puppy have a range of interactions and benefit their development as they age.  

Enrichment Requirements

To assure the health and safety of our boarders, we require proof of current, bordetella, distemper, and rabies vaccinations prior to admission. Bordetella vaccinations must be updated every six months. We will also accept proof of recent distemper. We also require a negative fecal test against internal parasites within the past 6 months prior to boarding.

H3N2 flu vaccination is recommended, but not required.

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