Running Dog

Doggie Day Care

Designed for our “Latch Key” friends, and available on a daily basis, this service is perfect for the busy professional, or for clients who seek temporary shelter for their pets while a carpet is being cleaned or other work is done in their homes.

We make every effort to accommodate boarding requests. Because of high demand in the summer and on holidays, we suggest that you make your reservations well in advance. Call us today: 860-824-7357

Drop-off & Pick-up times

​Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday: No Services
Sunday: Closed
Price: $35 for a full day, $25 for a half day

Daycare Packages

  • 1 day $35.00 
  • 5 days for $175
  • 10 days for $350 
  • 15 days for $498.50, including 5% off
  • 20 days for $630, including 10% off

Doggie Day Care Requirements

To assure the health and safety of our boarders, we require proof of current bordetella, distemper, and rabies vaccinations prior to admission. Bordetella vaccinations must be updated every six months. We will also accept proof of recent distemper. We also require a negative fecal test against internal parasites within the past 6 months prior to boarding. K-9 H3N2 Flu Vaccine is recommended, but not required at this time.

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